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Steel River Emergency Baton

Steel River Emergency Baton

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Nights bring on their own challenges. While stealth and evasion may keep you hidden and safe from predators - a powerful bright light can be just as important when you need to be found. Included is the ability to use a focused beam or a broad band of light - as well as an emergency red beacon.

The Emergency Baton Flare can also be hung or mounted with its magnetic end.


  • Full Metal Body - powder coated for protection against rain and weather
  • Ultra Bright flashlight tip for precise lighting conditions
  • LED Lighting Panel offers 26 bright white bulbs
  • Emergency Mode flashes bright red distress pattern for quick search and rescue
  • Magnetic base makes mounting easy on any metal surface - car hood, work bench, even a knife tapped into a tree 
  • 9" in length, powered by 3 AAA batteries (not included)
  • Hanging Ring on base to securely attache to bag, belt, or hang on peg board


Made of industrial-strength food-grade polyethylene, the extra thick rain barrel walls provide superior performance and long-lasting durability. The seamless construction of this closed head drum is suitable for outdoor use. Safely store your water for long-term use for drinking or reconstituting your long-term food in these food safe, 55 gallon rain barrels.


  • 55 Gallon Capacity
  • Length: 23"
  • Width: 23"
  • Height: 35"

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Rain Catcher

Collect an endless supply of water by setting your barrel outside away from any tree coverage to allow mother nature to provide you with up to 55 gallons per barrel of sustainable water. Collecting rainwater is the ultimate way to harness sustainable water without disrupting the ecosystem or raising your water bill.

Gutter Drainage

Need a more efficient source of water? Try attaching the barrel to your rain gutter. After only a few handfuls of good rains, you'll have 55 gallons of water ready for storage. Similar to catching rainwater the gutter collection method is a quick sustainable way to collect water without disrupting the ecosystem or increasing your water bill.